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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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this hour a hearing under way in washington d.c. on the deadly gas pipe fire. teachers across the states are breezing after layoffs with the state budget uncertainty. how some layoffs may get delayed last minute. san jose police fatally shoots a man. >> james: big storm off store shot now. >> darya: are rare hearing is underway this morning and washington d.c.. the focus is on the san bruno gas line explosion. engineers are expected to be first in the hot seat. the board also plans to release documents stem anding
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from the blast appeared stemming w details about an officer involved shootings. the suspect had a history of runs with the police. it happened on oak street just a few blocks from where the problem started at a nearby drug store. >> reporter: here in san mateo, please wrapped up the conference explaining what happened around 11:00 a.m., they shot the suspect who had been seen wielding a gun. that suspect was seen in his neighborhood and officers were called to investigate. the lock himself and the house for a brief time he came out, then fired at the officers. police recovered a revolver that had use rounds in
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the cylinders. officers returned fire striking the suspect leaving him dead at the scene. there will be an investigation. in san mateo jonathan blue kron 4 news. >> darya: a group of 15 men robbed a high-tech office in fremont on sunday morning. police believe they are organized and professional band of feet deep spiriof the spiritl phones installed computer parts. nobody got a look at the suspects, no arrests have been made. 400 teachers administrator and aids are going to get state mandated pink slips. they will finalize the layoff notices today. 140 are teachers, in addition to raise the money in the federal money that tax extensions though, could help to
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save those jobs. >> we have precision's ourself a little better because we didn't spend all of our stimulus money last year. we saved it because this year we knew we would need more. we have had over the last few years having our rainy day fund. >> darya: coming up we will talk about san jose's teachers problems. six 03 a.m.,lt. gov. gavin newsom said monday he is ditching the san francisco state office building where the lieutenant governor typically works in favor of hipper digs in the city's south of market neighborhood. newsom, the city's former mayor, said he is sharing space in the founders den, an invitation-only workspace for entrepreneurs. the $500-a-month expense at founders den is less than it would cost to lease space in the state-owned building in san francisco, as previous officeholders did. 6 04
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a.m., alive look of san francisco on the left in walnut creek on the right. everything looks clear and calm. you wouldn't think there's a storm coming. >> james: this one out of san jose, conditions equally is nice out there this morning. that will change by this morning. tears well we expect. a dry warm day today, clouds will build this evening, then the rain begins tonight falling heavy at times overnight into tomorrow morning. that will last three morning commute before tapers off. it will be intense the next 24 hours, we will follow it for you. it is well to our north up near eureka but it is tracking our way. there's a lot of cold air associated with it, and tropical moisture. when they combine and lower they will head towards the bay area. what to
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expect? when it gets here heavy rain overnight. that sets the stage for possible flooding. strong winds, gusting up to 50 mi. an hour. when you combine the rain and wind you end up with the possibility of minor flooding. tomorrow morning it will be carried compared to today. the overnight hours will be intense. 40's and '30's on the map right now, it will warm up to 505 60s this afternoon.fifties, and '60s. toe storm moves in and at last through thursday, friday looks good, most of saturday looks good as well. it dries out a bit
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before the next round of wet weather on sunday. over to george for traffic. >> george: no hot spots for the bay area, a quiet start. here at the bay bridge a back up starting to form for the west bound ride no problems yet and no meter lights for the trip across the upper deck san mateo bridge a good right here. heavier traffic on the westbound side. they're right through marin county is a good one to the golden gate bridge. so is a trip across the span. public transit is still doing well, no problems for caltrans, bart, ace train. >> darya: we will be back with more moment. we are waking up to clear and dry conditions.
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enjoy the day because that will change tonight and tomorrow. what lick creek traffic is nice and light.
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>> darya: right now in oakland 41, looking for high of 61. stabilizing oil prices and signs of an economy sends darstocks higher yesterday. intel says it completed purchase of mcafee in august they said it would buy it. taco bell is turning to tv commercials to battle the damage done in a lawsuit, questioning
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its top goal fell in. it is a $3 million tv campaign. --toco bell--. wisconsin gov. is set to unveil the rest of his plan today for dealing with the state budget woes. he is becoming the darling for republicans for his plan to take away most collective bargaining rights for public workers. the rest of his plan will include deep cuts for schools, local governments to help close a $3.6 billion shortfall in the two-year budget. backlash at home in california governor brown is altering his plan to realign responsibilities after criticism from local law- enforcement agencies. aides say
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they should oversee more dangerous parolees and juvenile offenders rather than having them placed in jails. time now 6:12 a.m., back with more of a couple of minutes. this is happening live in washington d.c.. what they are focused on is a pipe line explosion for some ofrom september of last yee will watch these and get back to it. it's really delicious, mom.
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um, these days we're all trying a mto save money,ths. that's why i'm shooting this commercial myself, at home. it's really easy and i can pass the savings onto you. okay, ready for the food part? check it out. my warm and flaky croissant sandwiches. supreme or sausage. both made with fresh egg and melting cheese. you get 2 for just 3 bucks okay, i'm back, whoa- oh, i am so ready for this recession to be over. >> darya: 6:15 a.m. a plea deal is in the works after coma confession. nancy's lawyer told reporters that both clients to fill up and nancy confessed. she
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admitted to police she was the one who grabbed jaycee dugard off the streets when she was 11 years old. she said she knew that jaycee dugard was raped by philip. the judge declared that philip is competent to stand trial it brings up strong emotions for many people a specially marked he is the advocate for missing persons. >> very happy they confessed. i believe this should be able to save jaycee dugard and the daughters from testifying in an open courtroom. that would be the best resolution. i would hope the judge would have the sense to ensure neither of these people are ever released back to
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society again. the crimes that they did work as bad as they could be. the only saving grace is jaycee dugard is a life. but these two people should be behind bars. these people are monsters. they committed horrendous crimes over a long period of time. they have no business stepping foot in society again. >> darya: our coverage continues on line. we posted the entire statement from nancy's attorney on a look at the weather, their roots areroads are drive for now. >> james: 4 now is the operative word. the big system is here it is scheduled to drop today. by tonight clouds will build, by
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9:00 p.m. that the showers will begin to fallthe showers will b. we will have winds 20-30 mi. an hour, gusting 40-50 m.p.h.. as for temperatures today we are looking at good conditions. upper 30's low '40's a lot likellike yesterday. temperaturs this afternoon going to be upper '50's, low 60s. and then tomorrow the rain will come in again, it will be heavier tomorrow morning tapered off throughout the day. lingering showers for thursday, trying out friday, most of saturday dry as well. come sunday at the showers roll right back into the forecast. >> george: free of hot spots and
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no real problems yet, light traffic from the bay area and no slowing or delays. we are minutes away from the meter lights being activated. they will probably get early activation. sen mateo bridge no delays here still a smooth trip in both directions. 13 minute drive time across the span. golden gate bridge ride a good one from novato to the toll plaza 23 minutes right now. look at the ride on 101, 3 san jose as we picked up south bay camera. the volume is building just a bit but still no delays through 1 01. darya?
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>> darya: all wild fire shut down close to 30 mi. of lovein major interstate. strong winds spreading the smoke and the flames in our rural stretch o. rain is expected today they hope that helps with the fire. 13,000 a. have burned so far prompted evacuation. ththe severe storm in tennessee. this is video from yesterday. look at how high the water is here. cars are underwater, homes have been swept away. you can see here a lot of people rescuing each other tried to get heavyto
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higher ground. in missouri they have storm some blue out power to tens of thousands of people. street after street. they are trying to restore electricity, people say and you for a before. it sounded like a freight train coming through the living room. because the storm was powerful and loud. actor charlie sheen still speaking out and ranting on about his condition he describes it as perfect. he will claim absolute victory on every front. he said he is clean and focused, he says he's not an addict, to somebody looks like to the fullest. >> enjoy every moment. >> it seems addict are unhappy people.
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>> i think i'm going to ignore or smash, or dismiss a model that is rooted in balderdash. for lack of a better word. >> what would you call yourself? >> what's another word? >> is a this simple as you like to party? >> is as long as i subscribe to the beliefs of others that build the models that don't leave any room for individuality or creativity. they say you have to surrender and the reviewer resentment, and be all leaving. i can find a label except for being alive. yes i'm on a drug its collegcalled charlie sheen. >> darya: t m c is sayinthe bigw
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to one half man is off for right now. charlie sheen says he is suing. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] hey michelle, whatcha doin'? i'm serving delicious athenos hummus to my friends. i've got -- [ male announcer ] that's great. let's see what yiayia thinks! you dress like a prostitute. did she just call me a pros--
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we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland!
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should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. >> darya: you're going across bay bridge, caltrans is back at it doing no work on the newsstand. we are taking a look at the new section and seeing if it is being a problem in traffic this morning. how's it going yoli? >> reporter: most of the work above i level is going to be here. they have already placed one of those legs on the fourth segment. now they are just
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securing yet. a lot of activities happening way above. drivers are driving past and see what they saw for the past year here. the tower partially built. not a whole lot of activity right where you are driving. >> darya: all they need to do is beat the clock and get this work done before the store molson. the time now is 6:27 a.m. another look as you get to the toll plaza traffic is nice and light. we will be right back.
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[ son ] my parents always lived in the states, until my dad transferred to istanbul. they settled in quickly, found their local deli, a few shortcuts and a neighborhood hangout.
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focusing on this san bruno. the pipeline explosion that happened last september. pg&e are supposed to be the first up to testify. it is happening right now just under way, for about half hour now. we have been monitoring that. this is a live shot here. they're going through graphics were the show what happened with pg&e, and what their response was. therethey ae talking about their risk management. what we expect to see is thousands of pages of documents from the blast. any other reformation about the pipes as well. let's listen. >> the company has automatic
6:31 am
shut off valves appeared if they were be an efficient means of adding protection to high consequence areas. in 2006 pga senior engineer wrote the policy mumbled that included automatic shot up all its has a prevented if in a high consequence area has little or no effect on humans safeguar sae factors that define this process and how the program implemented will be explored. establishing accident level operating system is critical to save operations of pipeline. p&g and ease policy
6:32 am
concerning operations safety and shut down in high consequence areas. the pg&e-control center is located said francisco. they operate and control in tire transmission. using a control and that that actthat act acqui >> darya: what we hear is an official who was going through, meticulous detail about what pg&e does. what they thought
6:33 am
about automatic shut off valves and how they steadied it appeared whether or not it would be effective. right now they are laying out, where p&g and he stands on its operations. this is the preliminary part. you can bet the investigators will now after that through the day questioning these tieups. it will be looking through all the information that came out, the interviews that come out this morning and the very latest they have found on the pipe. they will be talking about that tried to get to the bottom of what happened to find out who's at fault. we will monitor it and bring it to you. our other big
6:34 am
story is what's going to happen with the weather. >> james: a great alive look this morning giving you a look at what it is like outside right now we have a few clouds relatively clear right now but that will change. tuesday dry and warm, good news if you have outdoor plants. overnight tonight into tomorrow we have rain heavy at times. wednesday the heavy rain will be in the morning. we will see it hit at about 9:00 p.m. tonight and continue through wednesday. thursday it becomes more scattered but you will get a sprinkle or two through the day. here is the storm we are looking at, tropical moisture and cold air. they are shooting towards oregon, that will drop today. about 8:00 p.m. we will see
6:35 am
showers in the north bay, by about 10:00 p.m. widespread and intense. by about midnight, showers north bay wide with heavy cells up near san rosa, san cruz mountains will have heavy rain as well. at 4:00 a.m. widespread, the heart of the commute wednesday morning the number of showers out there but it is breaking up by noon. you will see it more scattered for the day. what can we expect? heavy rain tuesday and wednesday. strong winds will accompany the storm. combine those two together you have the possibility of minor flooding and power outages. just so you know. that is what we expect. we will probably have some solo spin notes as well. temperatures
6:36 am
right now upper 30's low '40's pretty much what we see yesterday. this afternoon alive like what we saw yesterday as well.a lot like we saw yesterdas well. '60s pretty much the trend for everybody. wednesday's showers will be all day long, tuesday scattered, fry it with dryout, saturday we salvage. saturday night into sunday we see more rain. >> george: as we start off with the bay bridge, no hot spot so far this morning, a good ride under way for the bay bridge you and with the meter lights been on for 15 minutes. a better start today than yesterday. san mateo bridge your ride here, volume continues to build on the right side of your screen, no
6:37 am
delays yet on 92 or 80.880. southbound across the span and on the approaches look good. walnut creek it is still light traffic in the southbound direction too early for a back up for the ride into the alamo. still an easy ride for 680 south headed to san all as well. interstate 80 still a 12 minute drive time from hercules to berkeley. >> darya: 6:37 a.m. for fifth graders got sick after eating cookies laced with pot. they the cookies at school. one of the students was given the cookies at a convenience store. shared
6:38 am
the cookies with classmates at lunch. three students were taken to the hospital with flu like symptoms. the principal will talk to the children about this issue san mateo police are investigating a deadly shooting in happen on oaks street yesterday afternoon. just a few blocks from where the problem started at nearby drug store. a man who they said this 35 year- old robert brandished a gun and threatened employees at the pharmacy then ran through backyards, starting in and out of his home. that's why there should it happen. his mother says is that her son is mentally ill. >> everybody knows, the police know. he got very upset he came home. the pleas were here.
6:39 am
>> darya: police say because of the medical privacy they cannot give details on the confrontation. 6:39 a.m. back in a couple of minutes. california should be proud.
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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job.
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but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. >> darya: alive look in tahoe. all of the snow on the side of the road there. we've got dumped on and it was fabulous. within the day or so the resground wasl snowy. resources will have its third seniosnow survey. that wil tell is what we do in terms of the reservists. it should be looking good. we will tell you later when that happens.
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>> darya: top stories we're following, the big story right now washington dc. the shot of information they are looking at as they have opened a three day hearing in washington d.c. into the pipeline explosion in december of that happened in september 2010. pg&e employees are expected to testify at this hearing, we have heard from one, we are monitoring what he has to say about the operation. you can see this is the gas flow diagram. right now officials are walking them through their systems, their response, all of the information. we will get into the death of what happened. we can listen to testimony >> i don't remember the exact
6:47 am
numbers. clos5,000close to 500 lbs... >> would it help if we brought up the milpitas diagram? >> darya: you can see the investigator who was asking questions of the official. we will monitor this and see what comes out of the six specially when they released more documents about that particular pipe. also interviews as to what happened on that day in september when that blast killed eight people. storms and tornadoes ripped through yesterday buildings, this is indiana, also kentucky, illinois, all under water, they have so much snow melt and rain.
6:48 am
flooding concerns in 88 ohio counties, concern is mounting in toledo as well. back in the bay area the revelation that phillip and nancy confessed to holding jaycee dugard captive for 18 years. now the discussions are in the work for a plea deal. yesterday the attorney said the couple did confess, in fact nancy said she is the one whose who snatched the 11 year- old girl from the street. she said she knew her husband raped the girl but did nothing. >> james: we have quite a bit to talk about. yoli give us the shot from treasure island. i loved it so much i just wanted
6:49 am
to use it. you have a beautiful violet sky behind it. we do have quite a bit of whether headed our way. partly cloudy today, nothing too bad. this afternoon be some sunshine but clouds will building in the afternoon hours. '50s and '60s. but the overnight tonight, becoming mostly cloudy and heavy rain begins to fall about 8:00 p.m. they get heavier around 10:00 p.m. through the overnight hours. the rains are to the north right off the coast of eureka, it will come down through the day. the imagery shows how big the system is. a lot of cold air and moisture making its way down to the bay. bringing 1-3 in. of rain. that
6:50 am
sets up the possibility of runoff, and minor flooding potentially. the winds will be very strong. there's a wind advisory at midnight going through noon tomorrow. steady wins 20-30 mi. an hour, gusts of 40-50 m.p.h. that is strong enough to bring down trees and possible power outages. upper 30's, los '40's right now, advancing to what we will see this afternoon about 3:00 p.m., mostly fifties, a few patches of 60 degree weather. it will be a fairly nice afternoon compared to what we will see this time tomorrow. thursday holds a chance for scattered showers, friday, saturday we looked good, rain comes back in sunday. 6:51 a.m. let's check the ride with
6:51 am
george. >> george: the meter lights have been active for a while, the back up reaches right to the oakland army base over crossing, that is mostly for fast track customers in the center lanes. it has not backed up for cash customers. and carpoolers here has no waiting for delays. step until bridge ride is good here. no hot spots around the bay area. you can see the drive could here for the san mateo bridge. lighter than usual traffic on the right side of your screen. 1 01 southbound looks good coming through marin county still long delays. san francisco of crosstown freeway seamounts central still pretty light as you can see leading to the james lick freeway. no delays at sfo, if you drive take you to the sfo it takes to about
6:52 am
90 minutes. >> darya: walnut creek police releasing this photo. they believe this man is connected to a convenience store robberies in the area. the most recent one is last thursday at the 7-eleven store at 13 05 main street. the man walked in and, making believe he had a gun in his pocket. route the clerk and took off on foot. detectives believe that robbery was related to to other 7-11 holdups. one on friday on north main street another in concord. they don't say this man is armed, he acted like he had a gun. seven percent tax on marijuana dispensaries takes effect today. there is the pot club starting to track
6:53 am
receipts. the first payment is not due until april 30th. it could add millions of dollars to the city's treasury. starting today will talk cost $5 to get a new clipper card instead of $2. in response to a problem that kron 4 brought to light a few months ago. people were getting a new clipper card, $2 minimum, thrown them away with a negative balance. that negative ballots feature is the customer's convenience for people travelling one way. the new minimum will make it less likely to have a negative valves on the card. >> these are public dollars and they are scarce right now. it is prudent to try and tighten up the system. we want to maintain convenience, but not have a loophole that is so big that those who would cheat can do it easily. >> darya: 15,000 klipper kurds
6:54 am
have a negative balance in the month of december. we will be right
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> darya: it is clear out there now, but we have rain on the way. dry and warm today, then the rain begins tonight. it will be heavy overnight, you will see right tomorrow morning at this time for your commute. we will be right back.
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6:59 am
>> darya: 1 minutes before 7:00 a.m. and 3 day hearing is underway in washington d.c. to look into what happened in san bruno. we will have an update throughout the morning on what pg&e says. school cuts are looming for to bay area cities this morning. we will tell you
7:00 am
why and what could save those jobs. >> there is this great drug. it's called charlie sheen. >> darya: charlie sheen makes the interview rounds say he is high on his awesome life. we will have those stories in a few moments. a look at the weather. we have to get up and go to work. this is the nicest day of the week. >> james: off some whether this morning. what a great shot from mt. tam. beautiful clouds overhead giving as beautiful sunrise. those clouds will bring us rainfall later.


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